“Personally your input helped me a lot and the combination of on the water readings — routing — your daily forecast — gave me as high as 90% accuracy of what is going to happen. Thank you”

Andreas Kosmatopoulos, 470 World Champion, 5 times Olympian

The right solution for everyone

Sea weather consultation and services

Our meteorologists are your experts for collecting and interpreting all available weather information. Weather for an extensive passage or regatta consultation or just a brief information, you always profit from our large treasure trove of experience.

The format depends strictly on your wishes and needs: written via email or fax, via telephone or live on-site.

You would like to know more about the weather yourself? You can learn directly from our pros in our seminars.

Insurance expertise are also part of your services.  For these we rely on our extensive internal database so that we can always tell just what the weather was like.

We. Know. Weather.

Passage consultation

Save and reliably to your destination

Safety and comfort decide on the right route when planning a passage. The weather has significant impact on this. Passage planning helps avoid uncomfortable, time-consuming or even dangerous passage sections. This planning should be done before the start. To find the right time to start we also offer a weather monitoring. Our meteorologists look at the weather development and suggest a good window to start the passage. Afterwards we recommend a personal passage consultation. We offer these worldwide.

  • via telephone, or mail € 89
  • monitoring € 29 per day

Your recieve all the weather information needed to decide and plan securely:

  • extensive and understandable description of the development of the weather conditions
  • Forecast of wind direction and speed, gusts, wave height,
  • Vorhersagen von Windrichtung, Windstärke, Böen,Wellenhöhen, visibility and significant weather
  • Recommended course of action
  • Weather charts with isobars / fronts in 12 hour resolution

Regatta consultation

For regatta organizers – WetterWelt offers your optimal support

We supply all weather information you need: well structured, clearly laid out, understandable, extensive and precise.

Our reports for day races include:

  • Description of the regional weather condition and ist development during the day
  • Description of the expected sky including clouds
  • Qualitative description of the course of the wind
  • Gust behavior
  • Behavior and distribution of wind direction
  • Max right / left
  • Distribution of wind speed along the race track
  • High resolution wind forecast in 1h time steps
  • Description of alternate scenarios and uncertainties
  • If applicable current forecast
  • Weather charts with isobars / fronts in 3- or 6- hour resolution
  • Outlook tomorrow

Our consultation is of course:

  • Individual
  • Worldwide
  • English or German
  • From regatta sailors for regatta sailors


Weather is wide ranging, varied and exciting

And that is exactly what we will show you in our seminars. We explain the weather to you demonstrative and understandable. Many real live examples let you experience the weather and truly grasp it.

Weather you attend from pure curiosity or aiming for security or just wish to understand the weather to plan your activities – get it all first hand from our experienced nautical meteorologists. You be able to better understand and utilize the sky, clouds, weather data and weather charts.

You can decide where you would like to experience all about “the weather at sea.” We are happy to visit your club house, training camp, school or other event location; on the weekend, during the day or in the evening. We also offer open seminars at our headquarter in Kiel.

Current seminar dates at the shop


Weather, Knowledge. Live.

You want to enhance your event with and interesting lecture? A speaker or discussion participant who is knowledgeable about many areas all around weather, climate and water sports. Someone who enriches your seminar and combines entertainment with Education.

Dr. Meeno Schrader is not only an excellent meteorologist but also a great speaker who truly engages any audiences. His repertoire includes meteorology, climate change but also team building and motivation.

Let us convince you that doesn’t just have to be about the weather. Dr. Meeno Schrader will leave a positive impression with all listeners.


Specific analyses of events

The WetterWelt data archive includes official worldwide observation data, high resolution analysis fields, radar and satellite pictures as well as inhouse forecasts. This enables us to reconstruct any weather situation.

Our expertise include

  • Understandable description of weather conditions
  • Development of weather parameters over time
  • If applicable time series tables
  • Meteorological evaluation

You can get the following expertises:

  • Storm
  • Sea conditions
  • Temperature
  • Precipation
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Slickness
  • Visibility
  • Special expertise